Sunday, September 04, 2005

Why iPod???

I'm still puzzled by the lemming-like fascination that the world has with the iPod.

Here's why I prefer the iRiver flash-memory series of devices:
  1. Integrated FM receiver.
  2. Removable AA batteries.
  3. Plays OGG Vorbis as well as ASF, MP3 and WMA.
  4. Supported recording and direct encoding to MP3 from 3 sources: integrated microphone, FM radio, and line-in jack.
  5. Linux drivers available.
I'm an extremely satisfied owner of one of the 800-series flash memory players. The rechargeable battery life is well in excess of 40 hours of continuous playing time, and there's no spinning hard drive that will eventually fail and turn your device into nothing more than an aesthetically pleasing doorstop.

The disadvantage of the flash-based device is of course the (presently) limited capacity, but the convenience of the extended battery-life, tiny footprint, and recording capability far outweigh the downside.

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saturn air jam said...

totally agree with you there, although my guess is that most consumers of the ipod subconsciously prioritize the image over the technical cons.

saturn air jam said...

well the ipod nano is flash-based, so that knocks one con out of the way.