Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here we go again...

Dr. Jumper finally saw what I've been secretly dreading/expecting. My eye troubles are starting up again -- this time in the left eye.

The bad news:
  1. There are a few inflammed veins on my retina, and tiny spots of bleeding.

The good news:
  1. The regular tri-monthly checkups over the last year have caught it early. Based on my vision alone, I had no clue (way better than what happened the last time around).
  2. If everything goes well, the drugs will take care of the problem and I won't have to go through the surgery again.
  3. The right eye looks good.

Time to cross fingers again...



saturn air jam said...

Hope it doesn't trouble you for too long...

*fingers crossed*

coeman said...

Damnit dude! Ok this time you gotta trust me. I've been modding the new Blu-Ray laser and I'm pretty sure it has the properties we've been looking for. Plus if your case-trial works out it will be easier to find VC-funding.

Seriously though it's a good thing you've caught it early. Let me know if your going under the beam I might schedule my other shoulder to be done too and we can hobble out of the hospital together, again. :)