Monday, October 17, 2005


As much as I love open-source software, sometimes using it can just be really frustrating.

Since yesterday afternoon, I've been playing with GnuPG. This is the first time I've mucked about with encryption and signing so my first stops were the man page, and The Gnu Privacy Handbook which were resources every other page pointed me to. While the handbook provided an excellent overview of the process of creating and managing keys, there are some basic aspects that we're just left to guess at.

Take the output of the gpg --list-keys command. It spits out the following:
pub 1024D/460E03D0 2005-10-18 My Name and id
sub 2048g/9BB40D91 2005-10-18

Why can't I find a simple explanation of this output? Some components are obvious (e.g. 2048 is the key length), but others (like the 'g' after 2048) is cryptic. Nowhere have I been able to find a concise explanation of this. Additionally, the idea of subkeys (the "sub" on the second line) is pretty much ignored in most documentation.


Update: I finally found some decent documentation.

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