Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Visit to LA

So I was back in Los Angeles today. The company I work at is on a little hiring spree, and needed USC alumni to tag along. Now you can take the man out of grad school, but you can't take the grad school out of the man, so I'm saying to myself "Woot! Free trip!". This is how we'd get motivated to write conference papers (read IROS 2001 in Maui).

Our lab's moved to a brand spanking new building on campus. Very slick. Slicker still is the Peet's coffee shop on the first floor. Got to catch up with the old sensei, and a couple of members of the lab clan. Stefan even tried convincing me to take a "sabbatical" back to the lab ;)

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saturn air jam said...

Hey dude, are they interested in hiring EE grads?
I'm leaving my current job by the end of this month and moving out east to my aunt's place to continue job hunting there.