Sunday, November 06, 2005

Free Jazz

So of the more interesting events Eric and I attended this weekend was a performance by the Ornette Coleman quartet. Ornette Coleman is the legendary jazzman who turned the jazz world upside down in the late 50s when he pushed the notion that harmonic and rhythmic form were, eh, not really required; bringing "free jazz" to the forefront of New York's thought processes.

It was an interesting setup. Two basses, a drummer, and Ornette on saxophone (and briefly violin and trumpet). With no pianist to provide any harmonic "gravy", the music sounded like these guys just cut loose and wandered willy-nilly. As a listener, it's interesting to appreciate the effort your brain puts into trying to force structure around what you're listening. It's really hard! I'm thinking I probably won't be attending another free jazz concert for a while. But it was great to experience it first hand at the feet of the master.

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saturn air jam said...

oh... now i get what your profile pic is!
trip to europe was planned on the way back to india, probably around late jan / early feb if i don't find something in the US by then.