Thursday, December 08, 2005


Where I work is a pretty strange place... I just took a pee next to Al Gore.



saturn air jam said...

you're kidding! what was al gore doing there? hmmm... on second thoughts, he did invent the internet, right? :p

Michael said...

That's pretty mad. What did you say? Then again you're in a bathroom, hardly the place to introduce yourself!

Just saying hi, I found your blog after reading that you'll be a speaker at this years Search Engine Room conference in Sydney! Can't wait - it's my first conference, I'm 18 - can I record your presentation - do they allow audio recorders? - please pretty please!

That's all. You have no contact details or open comments section on your blog, how come?

Zoonie said...

Michael: Yeah, I didn't really introduce myself :)

Good to know that you'll be at SER this year. Drop by and say hi. And I typically don't leave the comments section open since I've seen how bad the spam problem can get first-hand :)