Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vacation Retrospective

A couple of things I've discovered in the last 10 days or so:
  • I like to run. Ever since I saw the reduced gut on the other woman, I've been all inspired and stuff. Even better, I'm starting to lose all the weight I gained from the damned eye-medications.
  • Used-book stores rock. A few days ago I found a nice little hardcover copy of Reading Jazz.
  • I can't ever really stop working. Even when I'm taking a break. I seem to be most productive on my days off.
  • The little Venezuelan coffee shop in Palo Alto has awesome spiced hot chocolate.
  • No other game (FPS) comes close to being as playable as Half Life 2.


coeman said...

If you think running is fun you should get a bike. That will shed the pounds like nothing else. Of course you gotta avoid the major pound shedder of giving up your life and being left with only a spirit. HA! Damn 2006 and I still have it.....somewhere around here...I swear it's here... Oh darn'it I've lost my funny.

Zoonie said...

No, no... I can never be left with only spirit. I'm married. You were there... remember?