Thursday, March 23, 2006

Air travel -- Indian style!

The bit that really amused Jayita and me as we were flying up to Delhi on Tuesday, was that the meal actually had this little dairy-creamer-sized container --- with achaar! (pickle). Even better, the after-meal "mint" was a little sachet of saunf. Compared to the "budget" airline services back at the republic, getting great service at the budget price was a pleasant change.

Unfortunately, Indian passengers seem to be the most boorish bunch of twits in the world. For some reason, the wheels touching down are an immediate call to unbuckle seatbelts. Before the plane has even come to a stop, our daisys (as a dear friend likes to call us) are already rummaging around in the overhead bins for their loot. And while actually leaving the plane, the idiots can't wait for you to remove your own bag before trying to squeeze past. I thought we were supposed to be a "patient people"? Jayita commented that it was sad that Indians now have the money for en masse air travel, but not the commensurate courtesy.

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'becca said...

When I traveled in India many of the overhead bins were broken and closed w/ tape. It was quite an interesting experience for my first time out of the US. (i got here form eric's blog incase you wonder who in the heck i am)