Thursday, April 27, 2006

"i" is the new "e"

iPod, iMac, iRobot, iGoogle, iCan't really understand what the fascination with this letter is. It's like back in the days of the dot-com boom when people would prepend an "e" all willy-nilly to any idea and instantly receive venture capital.

Now Nintendo's gone and named its next generation console "Wii" (pronounced like "We") since it's a "console for everyone". Ooh-ooh, I have a couple more:
  • iPii: Especially after all those cups of coffii
  • F#$k yii: Suitable invective if yii bii annoyed by superfluous "i"s

1 comment:

coeman said...

Wait a minute with those "ooh's" there sir! You can not move to the next vowel for another ten years. Go staight to iJail and no $200.00 for yii. Come-on you know you wanna smirk. Ooh-ooh yes you do!