Saturday, April 15, 2006

SFJazz Collective

Jayita and I just returned from attending the members-only concert of the SFJazz Collective. Outstanding performances all around, especially from Nicholas Payton (trumpet) and Eric Harland (drums). One of Payton's compositions -- "Sudoku" -- captured the spirit of the game perfectly. The arrangement had a pecking staccato melody, broken up into intervals of two or three notes performed by each instrument, with each leading into and weaving around the other. One immediately felt the hunt-and-peck nature of the game's solution, while the sections which had flurries of simultaneous chords alluded to the cascade of solved cells that usually results from a breakthrough.

The most awesome part of the evening? Getting to meet the band members after the concert. Oh yeah, those are the autographs I got on my CD :)) Jealous yet??

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coeman said...

Suck you do? Yes! I'll expect my signed CD in the mail. Thanks for the Easter gift.