Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend in Point Reyes

We have a pair of dear friends who have a 6-month old baby. Outside of that minor deviation, they really are quite a perfectly intelligent couple. In fact, we hold their mental faculties in such high regard, that this weekend we decided to take their recommendation to heart, and visit a charming little place called Point Reyes; about an hour's drive North of San Francisco.

As some proof will testify, if you're looking to drop all your worldly cares and spend some time without a single 802.11 radio wave to bugger up the mood, this place is the real tabasco. Some of the complimentary charms include:Other oddities include a plant called the stinging nettle which took some offence at me consuming it for lunch, and proceeded to inflict its revenge upon my calves that evening on a nature trail. Vindictive flora aside, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. A repeat visit is not unlikely.

Monday, June 12, 2006

'Tis a Good Evening

Looking over some of the archives, I realized that I devote a significant bit of real-estate on this blog to ranting. But really now, you can't blame me can you? I'm naturally cynical, on top of which, I have a job dedicated to eliminating webspam, and indexing that holy grail: "good content" on the internet (ha!). Oh, and having sarcasm personified as a dear friend doesn't help either. Besides, in case you didn't know, I'm not drinking until November (some drivel about me going jaundiced).

Ok, I'm ranting again. But today was a good day! Jayita and I decided to head out to a local South Indian restaurant. After carefully wrapping ourselves around several idlis, we drove back facing one of the most magnificent sunsets I've seen in a while. Well, I was facing it anyway. Which made Jayita not a little jittery since I was supposed to be driving. But back to the sunset. It was one of those performances that make you want to stop the car, stick your head out of the window and yell "Bravo!", or "Wah ustad! Wah!", or something like it. Dashed decent of it to put up such a show, even if it was its 1.2 trillionth rerun.

So there. Now back to our regularly scheduled ranting...