Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend in Point Reyes

We have a pair of dear friends who have a 6-month old baby. Outside of that minor deviation, they really are quite a perfectly intelligent couple. In fact, we hold their mental faculties in such high regard, that this weekend we decided to take their recommendation to heart, and visit a charming little place called Point Reyes; about an hour's drive North of San Francisco.

As some proof will testify, if you're looking to drop all your worldly cares and spend some time without a single 802.11 radio wave to bugger up the mood, this place is the real tabasco. Some of the complimentary charms include:Other oddities include a plant called the stinging nettle which took some offence at me consuming it for lunch, and proceeded to inflict its revenge upon my calves that evening on a nature trail. Vindictive flora aside, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. A repeat visit is not unlikely.


saturn air jam said...

look who's pimping his flickr photos :D
seriously though, awesome pictures. I should've visited point reyes with my folks when we were in the bay area.

Zoonie said...

:)) I like flickr. Right now I like it even more than picasaweb.

Trying to get pictures of all the wildflowers finally made me bite the bullet and pick up the macro lens :) Should arrive in a few days.