Sunday, October 29, 2006

Escape to Moss Landing

The missus' birthday dropped in this weekend. Now, I've learned something over the last 8 years of marital bliss: no matter what you think of the beastly things, birthdays are a big deal to a woman.

So instead of sitting around and working diligently on the publication of my second chin, I surprised the aging w. with a trip to Moss Landing; a semi-comatose little town about halfway between Santa Cruz and Monterey. We lodged at the Captain's Inn, a delightful place run by Melanie & Yohn Gideon, with views (from our windows) that looked like this:

Impressive no? If you're shameless enough not to be content with that (like we were), there's also the ocean about a 10 minute walk away, and Phil's Fish Market & Eatery, which has seafood to simply die for.

Yohn also runs the Elkhorn Slough Safari, and for a modest fee, he'll strap you onto a pontoon boat, and take you for a spin about 4 miles up the slough (pronounced "sloo", not "sluff", "sloff" or "slau"). It's an impressive amount of wildlife that's infested this tiny area. In the span of about an hour, we encountered rafts of sea otters, seals, egrets, pelicans, even a blue heron or two, and several brightly colored species of kayakers.

To top it all off, I've scored enough brownie points with the old ball and chain to last the rest of the year. :)

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