Thursday, October 05, 2006


Apologies are due. Knowing that the wild fanbase of this humble blog (yes, all three of them) hangs on my every word, I am indeed remiss for not having updated it in such a long while.

We've started going for swimming lessons. Yes, every Saturday afternoon, the wife and I toss ourselves into the wild blue yonder (well... more like "tame blue hither" really, being all of 4 feet deep) at the nearest YMCA, and try not to make asses out of ourselves. Personally, I think we're doing quite marvellously. Jayita is down from 3 floatation devices to just one, and of the three essentials of kick, stroke, and breathe, I'm up to doing any 2 out of 3 (which I'm told is not bad) at the same time.

In other news, we've also started Spanish lessons! You see, Jayita and I have realized that we're somewhat lacking in the linguistic breadth necessary to obfuscate rude comments we would like to make about people while in their presence. Between the two of us we know about 3.5 languages (ok fine, 2.5 --- C++ doesn't really count), and English and Hindi are out since most of our friends and family (about whom we would like to make those rude comments) know those already. Initially we thought of Japanese, but then settled on Spanish since travelling to South America seems cheaper than a trip across the pond.

So there. That's the update for the moment. Salud, amor y pesetas!


Eric said...

It's about freak'in time. I've been sitting here hitting refresh on my browser for like 20 days now waiting to read a new post. Thank god it is finally here. Spanish (HA!) how useful do you really think that is in California huh?

Zoonie said...

¿Qué, Dónde?