Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Zealand

So that was the best vacation yet. If you'd been paying attention to my bragging over the last 3 months, you'd know that the missus and I toodled off to New Zealand over the holidays. Some of the highlights:

Auckland city:

Sailing on Lake Taupo:

Kayaking/hiking in Abel Tasman National Park:

Spending the night on a boat in Fiordland:

Getting to see some rare critters first-hand:

I am of course leaving out large swaths of description of the what-happened-where nature; partially because I'm lazy, but more importantly because the dear lady has graciously cataloged the entire saga in her trademark detail. See more pictures here, and read about it all here.

I should also mention that the wife was responsible for all the planning, while I chipped in with all the driving. This worked nicely since if it had been the other way around, we would've done nothing more interesting than drive around very slowly for 3 whole weeks.

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Kavita said...

ha ha! "the dear lady" did a lot of planning...had it been the other way round you'd be driving slowly alright, but you wouldn't even know where to go! ;) btw, *loved* ur pics...absolutely awesome!