Monday, April 02, 2007

Early Wildflowers

Jayita and I decided to check out the first of the wildflowers peeking out at Russian Ridge this last weekend. So clutching our trusty guide-to-California-wildflowers book (Jayita, that is) and macro lens firmly screwed in place (that's me with the camera), we hove off early on Saturday morning.

Weather was bright and beautiful, and although there was quite a bit of haze visible across the Bay, we caught some nice views:

As expected, there was just a sprinkling of the early-bird wildflowers, but that made the thrill of spotting a novel one all the more keen. Here's a sampling of our current portfolio:

From left to right, top to bottom: Golden violet, popcorn flowers, red-stemmed filarees, saxifrage, blue-eyed grass, charlock, scarlet pimpernel, fiddleneck and baby blue eyes.

It's only the beginning of Spring, so we're definitely planning on making at least two more trips. Watch this space.

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saturn air jam said...

You're a true "daisy"-boy :-D