Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cheap Shot

One of the reasons I like Flickr over Picasaweb is that it has succeeded in getting the "community" aspect of the site to work. As an amateur with a lot to learn, being able to discuss photography and techniques with others helps enormously.

For example, I've long been a fan of the Strobist group which talks about using relatively inexpensive household garbage to achieve professional quality lighting. Today I decided to try out one of the cheap tricks mentioned for achieving nice omnidirectional soft light for macro shooting, when all you're stuck with is hard sunlight. Jayita had picked up a gorgeous basket of strawberries at the farmers' market this morning, so that was my subject du jour. Before I show you what the setup was, here's the result:

Now here's the setup in all its glory:

2 sheets of paper and 3 pieces of tape. Total cost about 1.7 cents, so I can save up for all those lenses on my list.

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Jeff Eppinette said...

Dude, this is crazy imaginative stuff! These are ways to use "household garbage" in ways I would not have considered. Thanks for blogging!