Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh. That was easy...

I remember trying a couple of years ago to get Flash working on my 64-bit desktop, with not much success. This weekend I thought to myself "Maybe I should give it another go, and throw a couple of hours at it again...". So quick search for [gentoo amd64 32 bit firefox] pulls up this page at the top result which (halfway down) provides the following incantations as advice:

> emerge netscape-flash
> emerge nspluginwrapper

So, I dutifully installed the indicated packages, restarted Firefox and voilĂ ! Instant Flash. Note that the nspluginwrapper spits out this message at the end of the install:

* Auto installing 32bit plugins...
* Any 32bit plugins you currently have installed have now been
* configured to work in a 64bit browser. Any plugins you install in
* the future will first need to be setup with:
* "nspluginwrapper -i path-to-32bit-plugin"
* before they will function in a 64bit browser

Good to know.

Now what do I do with the remaining 118 minutes?

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