Sunday, November 04, 2007

Silicon Valley 5k

The wife and I did the Silicon Valley 5k this morning. Lots of fun, and absolutely perfect weather for running. This was my first 5k, so I was really kicked, and I'm all looking forward to the next one. My time was 32:47, and Jayita did 44:16. Woot!


coeman said...
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coeman said...

Awesome!!! Soon you guys will be swimming and biking with Shelley and me... woot!

saturn air jam said...

That's awesome! The Hyderabad 10k run is coming up this month; hopefully I'll be able to participate.

David said...

Way to go, man!

Hoping to see you in January -- we are on for the 17th in Mountain View. You gonna give me the 50-cent tour?

-David Hobby