Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reinforcing my general dislike of the population at large...

My camera backpack was just stolen. Right off the luggage trolley as I stood in line to check in. I must've had it out of my sight for just a couple of minutes as I was chatting with Jayita, and we suddenly noticed the conspicuous absence. It had (reading from top to bottom), my E-330 DSLR body, two Zuiko lenses (including the beautiful 50mm f/2.0 macro), a Nikon SB-800 flash, and an Acratech V2 ball-head.

Filed a report with the SFPD desk at the airport, and hopefully next week we might be able to get at the security tapes to see if anything useful pops up. Probably no chance at getting the equipment back, but if there's any hope of catching the blasted worm who did this, that's something.

So while I'm not gushing with warmth towards the human race at large, I take consolation in the fact that it could've been much, much worse. If they'd taken the laptop bag instead, that would've been goodbye to a bunch of visa documents that would be really difficult to replace, and would've effectively cancelled my trip to India.

The other silver lining? Now I have a good reason to upgrade to the E-3 :)

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David said...

Sorry to hear that, Aaron. That really sucks. My family kids me a little for being paranoid, but knock wood, I have so far dodged the bullet.