Monday, January 12, 2009

Dust Puppy Goodness!!

My copy of Ten Years of arrived in the mail today!! 1057 pages of every strip published from 1997-2007.

It arrived at the office today morning (where I have all deliveries sent --- ones that make it to the apartment tend to wind up flung into the patio and chewed by rabid squirrels that lurk about the complex with an evil look in their eye), and I was shocked (shocked!!) to find out that none of my three office-co-inhabitants had even heard of this jewel of a comic-strip.

If you, like them, have not yet discovered the joy of life in the little Canadian ISP that is Columbia Internet, then I envy you with every fiber of my being. For you, dear reader, have it all ahead of you to discover. Go now to the very beginning, and enjoy!

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