Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting Nexus One's Bluetooth/WiFi to Coexist

Something that's bugged me no end over the last couple of months is that activating my Nexus One's Bluetooth causes its WiFi connection to drop and reconnect every few seconds. Particularly annoying when streaming Pandora, since it doesn't handle the network bounce well, and gives up about 10 seconds into each song.

I've been lazy/busy enough that my quick solution was to simply stream the lower-quality audio over the phone's 3G connection, but today I finally got around to fixing it by simply changing the channel settings on my router (from 6 to 1). Apparently using a different slice of the 2.4GHz band seems to do the trick.

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sherley said...

Aaron that's a great tip.

Best Regards,
Ryan Coelho